Girls share thoughts about upcoming new sister

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Originally published in August 2006, The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, CO.

The clock has ticked us into the last few days of my wife’s pregnancy. Our first two daughters had to be delivered by C-section, which means our third one has to be as well. So, unless the baby surprises us with an early arrival, she’ll come home Labor Day weekend.

Lisa looks forward to the pains that come with taking care of a newborn at the same time she’s recovering from major surgery because she figures it can’t be as uncomfortable as being nine months pregnant in August.

The baby’s birth is what I’d anticipate being the “biggest” thing our family’s got coming this year, but life has been full of milestones of late. If it wasn’t this, it might be moving to a new home, or more likely our older girl starting school.

Obviously, our girls are paying attention. One just turned 3, the other’s getting close to 6, and they’re both waiting to see what this new sister will bring to the house.

I took a few minutes to ask them some questions over the weekend while they were playing in our back yard.

First, the 5-year-old sat on the grass next to my lawn chair. We’ve done many “interviews” and she enjoys them.

What would you name your sister? I asked.

“Mary Asena,” she said.

What most excites you about your new sister?

“That I might be able to beat her with a bottle.”


“That I might be able to feed her with a bottle.”

Oh … FEED. My ears are getting just as old as the rest of me.

What are you most worried about?

“That her poop will smell.” She grimaced. “So yucky.”

Do you know your mommy and I love you and always will?

She nodded.

The 3-year-old agreed to be interviewed as well, but she wanted me to do it while she was swinging.

Are you happy or sad that you’re going to have a new sister?


What most excites you about having a baby?

The answer took awhile to figure out. What it amounted to was that she looked forward to giving the baby a bath in our basement sink.

What would you name her?

“Dog Effie.” She answered this while looking at our dog, Effie, who was sniffing the grass near the swing set.

I also asked if she knew her mommy and I loved her, but she’d lost interest by then.

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